Tales of a Welsh Lunatic

I've done a lot of crazy (and stupid) things in my life, and as much as I'd like to think otherwise... I'm likely to do a lot more in the future.

Some of my adventures sound fairly impressive out of context - climbing Kilimanjaro, running a few marathons here and there... but for those who know me, it's painfully clear that none of these things have been executed with any sense of grace or aplomb. I am, as my mother would say, "cack-handed" to say the least. I fall over... a lot (both literally and figuratively). I have a chronic case of verbal diarrhoea (especially when I'm nervous or uncomfortable... which is all the time) and I have no sense of self-control (particularly after a drink or twelve).

So I've decided to put my constant and continuous misfortunes to good use in the form of a blog. Hopefully my disastrous life (with its infinite twists, turns and excruciatingly embarrassing moments) will provide entertainment for others. And perhaps some poor bugger somewhere who is having a bad day can read my blog and realise that his or her life is not that bad in comparison.

Enjoy the records of my riotous life, folks. They are here purely for your amusement. 

December 14, 2017

This year's NYC Marathon was supposed to be my do-over. Turns out, it was just as disastrous as last year's attempt at running the five boroughs.

October 25, 2017

Generally speaking, I’m a fairly rational woman. Sure, an inhuman rage comes over me if I’m hungry or tired (or god forbid, both) but when it comes to affairs of the heart, I consider myself (I hope you, like me, sang that in the voice of The Artful Dodger) to be reasonably sane (despite the Artful Dodger...

September 2, 2017

If you’ve read Fat, Slow & Determined or any of my other articles, you will know by now that I’ve blagged my way through some absurd physical challenges far beyond the scope of my natural ability. Despite being severely undertrained, painfully clumsy and generally incompetent, I somehow seem to (quite lit...

August 25, 2017

Imagine a heavily pregnant giraffe with her legs strapped together, frantically falling downhill with her neck flailing about in the wind. Imagine a baby hippo learning (and failing) to stand up for the very first time. Imagine a large seal trapped on an icy rock, thrashing about, furiously bobbing up and...

August 22, 2017

I like to think of myself as witty, strong, fun and kind. But most people who have had the pleasure (or lack thereof) of knowing me would probably describe me as sarcastic, clumsy, loud, stubborn and ridiculous. Reading between the lines, you might have realised that I'm not the gushing, profound type but...

August 18, 2017

In 2011, my best friend and I decided to road-trip the coast of California. It started in typical 'Longface and Bird' fashion - me (Bird) eating a Meatball Wrap at 6am in Gatwick Airport (because I was on holiday, and I could) and Longface sat opposite with her sensible breakfast, amused yet quietly judgi...

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I'm a freelance writer living in Sydney, Australia. My favourite style of writing is comedic, witty and self-depracating (I am Welsh after all). 

I am however very versatile and enjoy writing on a range of topics in a variety of styles. I have most recently been published by Thrive Global, Sydney Social 101, Kayak Guru & The Beast Magazine.

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