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Siriol Dafydd

Writer of all sorts. Obnoxious nutter. General booze-hound. All-round klutz.

Originally from Cardiff (Wales, UK), Siri is a native Welsh speaker and bilingual writer. With a background in film and television production (particularly comedy), she loves to write and to make people laugh (usually at her own expense). 

By day, she is a versatile copywriter, content writer, film critic and local news journalist. By night she’s an intrepid adventurer (trapped inside the body of a couch-potato) who writes about all sorts from dating and adventure travel to marathon running and mountain climbing. 

To learn more about Siri's portfolio and how to contact her for any or all of your writing and content needs -

click on "About Siri" below.


Siriol Dafydd - Writer
Just Ask Siri - Film & TV Reviews
Tales of a Welsh Lunatic
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